Salary Cap Detail 2019 & 2020

  • Hopefully there is a few announcements this month and Curly’s spreadsheet will have additional info that needs entering

  • Thanks for the mostly positive feedback guys, much appreciated. I’ve updated for the two departures yesterday and put 2019 in the rear vision mirror, moving to 2020 & even an early look at 2021

    What it shows is around $1.7m cap space for 2020 with 5 spots now to be filled. Spend it wisely I say

    What it also shows is we have only 11 on our books for 2021 with 19 spaces to be filled and $4.9m to do so. This assumes all the upgrades from the development squad are only contracted to 2020, I’m not sure how this works

    Anyway, as always, welcome any constructive feedback which might assist improvements to this summary


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