Salary Cap Detail 2019 & 2020

Hopefully there is a few announcements this month and Curly’s spreadsheet will have additional info that needs entering

Thanks for the mostly positive feedback guys, much appreciated. I’ve updated for the two departures yesterday and put 2019 in the rear vision mirror, moving to 2020 & even an early look at 2021

What it shows is around $1.7m cap space for 2020 with 5 spots now to be filled. Spend it wisely I say

What it also shows is we have only 11 on our books for 2021 with 19 spaces to be filled and $4.9m to do so. This assumes all the upgrades from the development squad are only contracted to 2020, I’m not sure how this works

Anyway, as always, welcome any constructive feedback which might assist improvements to this summary


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Good to see Twal and Garner being signed up for 2021 & 2022 well before they come up for grabs given they were both expiring end 2020. Both no doubt get lifts for 2021-22 but probably also some or all for 2020 as well, which potentially chips away at our previously speculated $1.7m to spend for 2020
My guess is Twal & Garner were on $200k for 2019 which minimum lifts to $300k a season for 2021 & 2022 and maybe $250k for 2020
Aloiai, Mikaele, Twal & Garner, would you rate them all similar dollars? I’m guessing $300k for each of them and MCK a touch less at $250k

Assuming Leilua and Latrell deals happen and making a couple of assumptions around other cheap deals needed to fit into our 2020 cap, this is what it could look
As you can see, unless we move on someone, it’s tough to see another name player rounding out our squad with an estimated $135k remaining for a 30th squad member
As always, these salaries shown are best estimates from the available information and/or comparisons to similar players where no real information is available


Loving the updates @Curly_Tiger thanks mate

@Curly_Tiger must have missed this when travelling last month, so thanks for the effort.

Looks like I missed Tommy T upgrade which could also impact 2020 so could be even tighter but perhaps the assumed 2020 payment for Utoikamanu would come down as it’s unlikely we’d need to give him the same in 2020 if the Eels release

So probably he is more like $175k and Tommy T maybe around $200k in 2020. That would leave it pretty similar

Abbey is only on a train/trial contract so would that make him a top 30 player?

As you asked for feedback, for my two cents, reckon knock off $50k odd from Walters and send it to Talau, as I see him as looking for opportunity and Stefano also being on an incrementally rising contract as his standing and age rises. Say, in the region of $220, 260 and 320k respectively to match up to the reports… If we get him early for next year, $150k should cover it.

@tigger19 said in Salary Cap Detail 2019 & 2020:

Abbey is only on a train/trial contract so would that make him a top 30 player?

You’re right, I doubt he is as we stand but I just included him under the assumption that all progresses well just to illustrate where we may be
Might be a bit of wishful thinking on my part as I like him especially on a minimum deal

@TheDaBoss said in Salary Cap Detail 2019 & 2020:

not bad good size

Only a couple of weeks in.

@tigger19 said in Salary Cap Detail 2019 & 2020:

Abbey is only on a train/trial contract so would that make him a top 30 player?

Abbey won’t be signed as an NRL squad member unless he’s our 29th or 30th player, and announced mid way through the season. He won’t even resume full training sessions until February, then needs to prove his fitness and form in CC in order to get promoted ahead of a youngster who’s fit and firing.

Sadly, I can tell you as fact… Jennings is on $350k

Stefano would be on 200 k max this season I’d reckon probably 300 k 2021/2022

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