Paul gallen vs Barry hall

He was known in his footy days as “Big Bad Bustling” but Barry Hall is now officially “Noodles” according to fight foe Paul Gallen.
Ahead of their highly-anticipated boxing match in Melbourne next month, NRL legend Paul Gallen has amusingly sledged former AFL star Barry Hall, assigning him a cheeky nickname.

At the launch of his autobiography Heart and Soul, Gallen signed a fresh copy for his upcoming opponent, boldly writing the sledge in the front cover.

Hall’s reluctance to participate in three-minute rounds spurred the former Sharks captain to coin the nickname “Noodles”, a reference to two-minute noodles.

“I’ve signed this book to Barry ‘Noodles’ Hall,” Gallen said. “Train hard, mate. Best wishes, Paul Gallen.”

“Barry refuses to fight three-minute rounds. We’re fighting two-minute rounds, so I’ve nicknamed him ‘two-minute noodles,’” Gallen added.

This post is deleted!

Hope bazza punches his head in.

Really couldn’t care less about this fight, but if I get a decent price I’ll be loading up on Gallen, he’ll punch holes in him.

Barry Hall will take this one.

Can NAS just step into the ring for 5 minutes and put this drug cheat in his place already.

I hate aerial ping pong but I hope boofhead Gallen goes to beddie byes.

Hope hall kicks a field goal with Gallens head. Found that moment at Leichhardt very very arrogant.

Baz still in tip top shape after retiring. I reckon Hall will belt Gallen to all corners of the ring.

@Cultured_Bogan said in Paul gallen vs Barry hall:

Baz still in tip top shape after retiring. I reckon Hall will belt Gallen to all corners of the ring.

That would make my day…can’t stand “never wrong” Gallen

Sounds like lots on Barry’s side, I hope that translates to the betting.
I understand people don’t like Gallen but are they going to bet with their head or heart?

You wanna see a real fight ?
Watch Canelo on the weekend.

Or watch the huge UFC event headlined by Masvidal VS Diaz.

How Gallen and Hall’s ‘Code War’ exposed boxing’s ugly truth
By Sacha Mirzabegian NineSportNews
22 minutes ago

The much hyped ‘Code War’ bout between Gallen and Hall didn’t provide a definitive result to paying fans and keen observers but the heavily publicised clash between the two former footy stars did conclusively prove one thing – the sport of boxing in Australia has hit the skids.

The Moloney brothers proved they’re top class fighters in their respective weight divisions with victories at Margaret Court Arena on Friday night, and the viewing public were more than supportive. Andrew Moloney headlined the night and backed it up with an interim title win, yet the event was heavily promoted on the premise of two former footy players duking it out for bragging rights after six weeks of trading barbs through the media.

Both men did their best to pretend to hate each other in the lead up. Gallen and Hall fought out a majority draw and reportedly walked away with $2 million each for six rounds of boxing at two minutes each way. Promoter and Australian boxing great Danny Green said in the lead-up to the fight that it was on target to become the most-watched fight of the year on TV - surpassing Jeff Horn’s 96-second duel with Anthony Mundine in 2018.

Pay-per-view numbers aren’t publicly available and Green wouldn’t reveal the actual number of buys the fight had recorded before the two touched gloves. Green has been at the forefront of the biggest fights in Australian boxing history, his rivalry with NRL star turned boxer Anthony Mundine scoring huge numbers.Mundine walked away netting $30 million from boxing on the way to becoming the biggest pay-per-view star in the history of Australian sports.

Gallen and Hall’s fight yet again shone a light on boxing’s demise down the pecking order within Australia’s sporting landscape and the wider sporting market. Both fighters vehemently denied their role in belittling the sport in the pre-bout press conference, with Hall saying he was “embarrassed” that his fight was getting more press than Moloney’s world title fight.

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