Who is the worst?

aww come on u didnt have to put sharon in there

Where is all of the above option?

Should of been able to use 3 votes imo

All of the above



I voted matterson,I have a short memory
Cleary!!! By a country mile.

It is what it is. But clearý gets my vote

I saw Cleary, and didn’t even look at the others. Ooh Matterson’s in there too, yeah I’m not surprised he’s getting votes similar to the slimy Moses.

Where’s the powerade guy? He belongs here. What’s his name again? Somthin’ like bad breath.

I miss clicked… Take one off Moses and add it to Cleary’s tally

Cleary just in front of Woods.

I know people think Woods is simple but as captain of the club he was actively speaking to other clubs and trying to take players with him. Absolute gutter act, but not as bad as squandering a war chest and abandoning us after a year like Cleary did.

I figure we are better off without Cleary under Maguire. Woods was overrated, we were never going to hold onto Tedesco and Moses was a gamble not showing much at the Tigers. Yeah he’s playing well now but he’s a grub, like Matterson so the latter gets my vote.

I could hardly pick between Moses, Matterson and Cleary… I guess Cleary it is.

Ugh, they’re all terrible. The only good thing I have to say about any of their departures is Tedesco. He never publicly said a bad word about the club on his way out.

Ivan is the worst for me. The club basically gave him the keys to the boat, then he realised he didn’t know how to drive a boat. He had us going head first into icebergs and he jumped ship.

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