WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020

Following on from the 2019 thread, I’ve started a thread for 2020 now that we’ve hit 1st November. Obviously we have a great deal of movement in the market to happen yet but I’ll add to it as we go.

Off Contract at the end of 2020:

  • Alex Seyfarth
  • Benji Marshall
  • Chris Lawrence
  • Chris McQueen
  • Dylan Smith
  • Elijah Taylor
  • Matt Eisenhuth
  • Oliver Clark
  • Paul Momirovski
  • Robert Jennings
  • Sam McIntyre


  • Ben Matulino (Retired)
  • Corey Thompson (Released, Gold Coast Titans)
  • Esan Marsters (Released, Nth QLD Cowboys)
  • Mahe Fonua (Hull FC)
  • Robbie Farah (Retired)
  • Robbie Rochow (Retired)
  • Ryan Matterson (Sulked Until Released, Parramatta)


  • Alex Twal (2022)
  • Benji Marshall (2020)
  • Chris Lawrence (2020)
  • Luke Garner (2022)
  • Tommy Talau (2022)


  • Adam Doueihi (2023)
  • Billy Walters (2021)
  • BJ Leilua (2022)
  • Luciano Leilua (2022)
  • Shawn Blore (2021)
  • Zane Musgrove (2021)
  • Asu Kepaoa (2023)

Signed Beyond 2020:

  • Adam Doueihi (2023)
  • Alex Twal (2022)
  • Asu Kepaoa (2023)
  • Billy Walters (2021)
  • BJ Leilua (2022)
  • David Nofoaluma (2021)
  • Jacob Liddle (2021)
  • Josh Aloiai (2021)
  • Josh Reynolds (2021)
  • Kane Bradley (2021)
  • Luciano Leilua (2022)
  • Luke Brooks (2023)
  • Luke Garner (2022)
  • Michael Chee-Kam (2021)
  • Moses Mbye (2022)
  • Russell Packer (2021)
  • Shawn Blore (2021)
  • Thomas Mikaele (2021)
  • Tommy Talau (2022)
  • Zane Musgrove (2021)

Development Squad:

  • Jake Simpkin
  • Jock Madden
  • Kane Bradley
  • Reece Hoffmann
  • Zac Cini

Top 30:

  1. Alex Seyfarth
  2. Alex Twal
  3. Billy Walters
  4. Benji Marshall
  5. Chris Lawrence
  6. Chris McQueen
  7. Asu Kepaoa
  8. David Nofoaluma
  9. Dylan Smith
  10. Elijah Taylor
  11. Jacob Liddle
  12. Josh Aloiai
  13. Josh Reynolds
  14. Luke Brooks
  15. Luke Garner
  16. Matt Eisenhuth
  17. Michael Chee-Kam
  18. Moses Mbye
  19. Oliver Clark
  20. Paul Momirovski
  21. Robert Jennings
  22. Russell Packer
  23. Sam McIntyre
  24. Thomas Mikaele
  25. Tommy Talau
  26. Luciano Leilua
  27. Zane Musgrove
  28. BJ Leilua
  29. Adam Doueihi
  30. Shawn Blore
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benji will be gone next year…

Rober Jennings off contract 👀

You missed the young bloke from NZ JAMES

Thanks CB for the status quo - now to fill in the TBA’s.

@Elderslie_Tiger said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

You missed the young bloke from NZ JAMES

That was confirmed was it? Was it a top 30 signing or development?

@Cultured_Bogan It was Flegg only so not NRL or Development as far as I could tell.

@Elderslie_Tiger said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

You missed the young bloke from NZ JAMES

Wasn’t that a Jersey Flegg contract?

Nice work CB, plenty of opportunity there to strengthen our squad with some quality signings. Hopefully some good news soon!

Positions 26 to 30 will be filled by SFA

@Geo said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

Positions 26 to 30 will be filled by SFA

Unlike you to be so pessimistic.

@Geo Common George- lets wait until the squad is finalised before the gloom and doom. I’m hoping / praying that Maguire has the respect of the broader playing ranks to their at least positively considering an offer from WT. Yes, there are always the players who want better / more, but there are plenty of others. AND, the potential of being in on the creation of a premiership run does have an attraction for many players both established and up and coming. Let us pray…

that’s the good thing about madge even though he has copped grief for Jennings he only signed him on a 2-year deal so if he is bad this year there’s the door

I’d imagine both Seyfarth and Talau won’t expire until end of 2021 given that’s when their original contracts expired. Hard to see Bradley being contracted in the NRL longer than them…

The club has just updated the list on their website as well. The cynic in me says they pilfered my list but I’m sure it was just a coincidence haha…

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