WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020

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    @Cultured_Bogan So to that end the team finally becomes a top4 squad … next season is the clean out of all clean outs . A 70% new squad of what the coach requires to finally cement the team in the top 8 , I must say the coming of 2021 is something to get excited about if done properly!

    I’m very keen (and apprehensive,) to see how Madge utilises the cap next year. Thinking about it, he brings a kid on for spot #30 he has $1.6m to spend on four spots for 2020. Does he chase one huge name, chase a couple of decent ones or sign a bunch of kids and front load whomever we have on the books on a big wicket for 2021?

    $400K will pick you up a breakout young talent. Problem is picking up someone on that sort of cash is speculative. You could be on a bargain, you could wind up with a lemon or you could get another Matterson who spits the dummy after a proven year.

    It looks as thought Madge is looking heavily toward underpinning a quality 17 with talented kids to come on through when the cap squeezes, much the way the Storm has endured years of losing good system players while maintaining their core group.

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    I wonder if other sides have so few players in their top 30 locked down past next year. Just over one third of our playing group has a contract past 2020


    You might find this helpful…Most sides have few players lock down beyond 2020…

    Nearly all have 10-15 Roster spots to fill …

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