NRL Jersey’s for 2020

Better than la st ye ar

Looks the same to me

I hate our white jersey. Always have, every year.

Exactly the same as last years.

The white one is just bad. The black one is ok but for the life of me i cant work out why the club isnt cashing in on having the most unique colour in the NRL and having a full golden orange jersey. Just invert the home black jersey to have a black V on a gold jersey. SO simple and looks great.

Guess the NRL has told the Tigers the knights have 1 Hi-VIS game a year so they get the Orange. Derp

Some people should just cut and paste their thoughts on this topic, it’s always the same

God they’re all awful (no offense)

why haven’t they used Talau to model? That kid’s got the looks…Girl’s & guys will go crazy over that kid

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I personally cannot stand all the lines and triangles all over the joint.
We should of just used Valencia FCs kit.

Time the club moved into the new millennium , these jerseys are outdated/ staid and generally uninspiring, pretty much what our club is all about Atm …and this is what those jerseys reflect .
Get some inspiration the colour palette that is there to work with is wonderful , who ever is rubber stamping these horrible jerseys should be shown the door ! Just like multi home grounds the jerseys are the same so yesterday …

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