Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion

Well… That’s that then

@rex2ce Or he’s just weighing up his options? Why do we always have to paint the Tigers as the incompetent ones?

Someone in Townsville needs to take one for the team and go and make him feel unwanted up there… Maybe toss some rubbish at him, say a few uncomfortable words etc… 😝 😝 😝

I am taking the piss… Just in case people take it the wrong way.

@TigersBusDriver Our rep isn’t exactly great and our recent path towards success has fallen mostly short.

he might also be up there to sit on a beach for a few days, and simply doing due diligence on the cowboys?

his manager wouldn’t be doing his job he didn’t say go up there speak to the cowboys see what they offer you and then try get more out of the tigers

@Tcat It could be true . It’s a nice place. The thing is the guy has already won a premiership or two , so getting flogged by Madge might be a huge deterrent . Or it could be a huge attraction .
Or … he could be doing his due diligence to make sure he’s making the right choice.
Like someone said , the money is there , the coach is there , the facilities will be there soon , and the fans are definitely there . Some one will sign soon . If not Lattrell .
The future is bright , I feel really confident about that .

the Cowboys want Holmes so as of now this is a ploy to get him to make his decision faster.

Don’t get why everyone is acting like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert over Lomax.

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@TigersBusDriver I didn’t say we are incompetent, that’s you’re words, but he may not be impressed with our offer, after Matterson, West’s would have some wording in his contract to protect the club against the same happening again

@innsaneink said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@TillLindemann said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

My sauce (tomato) tells me we can take it to the bank he’s signing with the Cowboys


You have to think laterally.

@finnzo That’s more like it Drinky can play .

Quick someone send a drone up to Townsville…stat…

@rex2ce And like I said, why does him being up at Townsville have to do with our offer being crap? Why can’t he just be weighing up his options like most players would?

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