Wests Tigers deliver Get Out, Get Deadly program

Wests Tigers deliver Get Out, Get Deadly program
Dan Talintyre
Fri 8 Nov 2019, 02:08 PM

Wests Tigers have partnered with the Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation (SRAC) to deliver the “Get Out, Get Deadly” program at Cobham Youth Justice Centre.

The Cobham Youth Justice Centre is the principle remand centre in New South Wales for males aged 15 years and over with Wests Tigers delivering a strong rugby league component of the program, which has been run at Cobham since July, 2018.

Covering a number of topics, the program specifically touches on making healthy decisions and positive choices on and off the field as well as the importance of staying physically active. It was developed in response to the alarmingly high rates of Indigenous incarceration in Australia, especially in the juvenile justice system.

The program aims to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees in Juvenile Justice Centres an opportunity for capacity building, improve individual social and emotional wellbeing through cultural connection strengthening and gain support for post release linkages. Additionally, these sessions aim to promote personal development and build skills through cultural education and activities.

The program is designed to run over six weeks, with each week focussing on a different topic.

Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Ability Linker Gary Dixon commented on the progress Wests Tigers have made with the program.

“Wests Tigers have been supporting the Get Out, Get Deadly program in 2019 by delivering footy skills and education for the program’s health and fitness session,” Dixon said. "Wests Tigers have delivered eight sessions, and have been successful in building and maintaining meaningful connections with the Indigenous boys.

"These have been culturally appropriate and rewarding for the participants and staff involved, and the Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation are very pleased to be working with the Wests Tigers for the Get Out, Get Deadly program.

“We’re excited to continue working together to inspire positive outcomes for Indigenous youth in 2020.”

I really love the amount of great community work the club does it has really stepped up since Pasoce and Shaun Spence started and not only does it make me like the club more it builds our fan bases, builds our opportunity to win young players, builds relationships with governments, etc - great business as well as just great.

Well done Tigers

I understand the term “deadly” in aboriginal culture and Im being a bit facetious here…

But noone thought through the naming of a programme for aboriginal kids in gaol…to “Get out, get deadly”?

Funny, that was my first thought too. Too deadly!

Latrell would be a pretty good one to head this up you would think

But seriously this is a good initiative, my other half used to do work with kids in there. Reckons the ones she worked with need good role models around them as a starting point.

Good to see our club in there doing what it can

Congrats WT - we’re pretty much on top of things from a positive community support perspective.

Now can we get into the successful footy part as well?

@tiger_one said in Wests Tigers deliver Get Out, Get Deadly program:

Congrats WT - we’re pretty much on top of things from a positive community support perspective.

Now can we get into the successful footy part as well?
That’d be nice

@Glenn5150 I don’t know why the program is named this. Please explain.


Deadly’ in this context is an indigenous term for ‘fantastic’, ‘great’ or ‘awesome’ etc

well done Tigers!!! Love the community work…

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