Who the hell will play 9??

Assuming we sign Latrell, then we have our best backline in a very long time. And even with the loss of Ryan M it’s a reasonable pack especially if packer returns to form. BUT who will play 9? It’s obviously a critical position and we have no recognised 9s except injured Liddle. Someone help me understand what Madge is thinking. Reynolds looked pretty average there last year. Surely we need to have a quality 9 As the next priority post latrell?

@TJ21 said in Who the hell will play 9??:

@Clive Billy Brittain

Has he been signed by WT?

@Newtown You won’t find out until Team list Tuesday Round 1 when Tigers announce it 🤔 🤔

@Newtown I have it on good word deal is pretty much all done for 3 yrs

Jake Simpkin is the real deal

@TJ21 Got me a little excited with that comment as I thought you were talking about LM for a sec…

@hsvjones haha sorry mate I have no news on Latrell. Would absolutely love for him to sign though!!!

@TJ21 Thanks. I thought that he had signed with Bulldogs. Canterbury Cup Player of the Year.

Elijah Taylor defending in the middle …Marshall and Reynolds in attack

In order at the moment I think it will be:

  1. Britain
  2. Reynolds
  3. Walters

@tony-soprano said in Who the hell will play 9??:

Jake Simpkin is the real deal

He looks strong enough, maybe a bit young for next year?

@Newtown no hasn’t signed with dogs. I believe he will be announced shortly

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