Would you want Farah for 1 more year?

Season 2019 was never going to be an easy season for the tigers, lots of new faces on and off the field.
Tiger fans were all praying for the fairy tale send off for Robbie Farah (and even benji as it was unclear what 2020 held for him).
With the current issue of the number 9 jersey for the tigers going into 2020, I’m curious to know the reaction fans would have if Robbie came out of retirement for one last season.
Surely, if we sign Latrell he would be thinking about it
(Even if we don’t I’m sure he would be thinking of it)
Perhaps, having Robbie come on for one last season may even help pursue LM to sign with us (If any further pursuing needed)
With the inclusion of Robbie and LM, our spine is suddenly looking very dangerous.
How would you all react if you read the headline
“Robbie coming back for one last season ?”.

Farah is the man.

To answer your question…

No. Robbie Farah retired in his own time and on his own terms. Leave him alone. He’s done enough for Wests Tigers.

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@NT_Tiger Chill man, I’m not saying let’s force him, I’m just saying if he Chose to come back for one last year, with a strong belief he could retire winning the comp, would tiger fans be excited or disappointed?

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You couldn’t force him to if you wanted to. Give him the space to live his life.

Absolutely not… that young jaje will be good in 2021. Just have to sought out it this year. Mbye should move there. Momivroski and talau ce ntres.

I didn’t want him the last 2.

I get why someone would ask the question but he has retired - leave it at that and we need to move on.

Not really

Love him and all…but…

Absolutely not - let’s move on, not backwards.

No. Yeah, I couldn’t agree with me more on that one.

No it was his time to retire after a great career. Hopefully we’re in the market for a long term hooker.

@Demps said in Would you want Farah for 1 more year?:

@gallagher Blasphemy.

You and your lebs😁
We still got Twal!!!

@gallagher don’t forget the dark horse god of state cup … BILAL MAARBANI

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