Clark vs Eisenhuth

I get the feeling Clark and Eisenhuth who are both coming off contract seasons end will be competing for the same slot in the 30 squad and one will go.

What are peoples feelings on both? Who can better be the workhorse forward for WT? Neither will ever be superstars, but… Eisenhuth has been around for a couple of seasons and done nothing wrong but hasnt exactly set the world on fire even if all you want is a workhorse but he does ok. Clark has been here only 2019 but again not setting the world on fire but has done a pretty good workhorse job.

Thoughts on value? We could keep both I suppose- we are loosing McQueen, possibly Taylor and McIntyre at end of 2020 too.

There’s more Potential improvement In Clark so he’s who I’d be backing.

Both belong towards the bottom of a 30 man roster, so whoever is prepared to sign on for less

Eisinhuth is underrated imo I’d keep him

Like them both, keep them if nothing better around.

I guess this season will be the deciding factor. I’d keep ET for his leadership utility & control at the ruck in the middle. He’s a smart footballer and scrambles well, but I’d like to see him work on his link play a bit more and become more vocal. Oliver Clark gets the nod over Eisenhuth at this point in time. He’s played in U/16s-U/20s NSW rep sides with/against a lot of NRL players going around and has the advantage of being 4 years younger. Eiso didn’t debut until 25 and Clarke is still only 23. They won’t be the only ones looking over their backs, a few other guys I can think of that are playing for contracts so anything can happen.

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Madge loves Clarke because he tackles a lot harder then most of our forwards.

Eiso for me. Does a lot of the dirty/cleanup work especially in defence.

I think they are both OK - even if we improve our forwards with more imports, they are solid back ups.
Not on a lot of coin.

Eiso goes unnoticed because he operates at sloth speed. Clark hits harder in defence and has a greater ceiling, I think eiso is at his limits. Either way like @Harvey said they are both towards the back end of your 30 and are quite similar skill wise so I would probably take the cheaper option.

Both need to be punted if we’re ever going to be regular finals contenders

Sadly, Eisenhuth has peaked. We’ve been waiting 2 seasons for him to run harder or develop an offload. He’s a decent player, just not what we need right now.

No reason we can’t keep them both. The aim should be to keep them as depth players in 2021. If that’s what they were to become, then we’d have had a pretty successful shopping spree.

I liked the look of Clarke last year…we had a good run of wins with him in the side although his minutes were not huge but his effort in those minutes was good. Big body who was getting used to the speed of 1st grade and I think he has plenty of upside. Was really good in defence around the middle of the ruck. More minutes will see him flourish in 1st grade.
Eisenhuth - i just dont rate or maybe we use him incorrectly but TBH he doesnt bend the line like a big man should, you cant play him on a edge as he is not fast enough or agile. Personally, I would rather Scott Sorensen who is a free agent than Eisenhuth.

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