Drug bombshell set to break

Sad but unsurprising story, I don’t know if this guy was given much support from his club post-football; and even before this I always thought why is he not involved with the club in any capacity.


One of the league’s biggest names in the last 20 years is facing serious drugs supply charges.

The player, now retired, can’t be named on the instructions of the judge handling the case - for the moment. But he was arrested last week and appeared in court before being granted bail.

But he will be back before the judge soon and is then likely to be ‘outed’ - and make front page news.

The case is no fault of the NRL - it did the right thing by the player during his long career - but the incident will give the game another black eye nonetheless because of the man concerned’s high profile.


Could it be Jarrod Mullen? I thought he had already been named/?

@Glenn5150 said in Drug bombshell set to break:

Could it be Jarrod Mullen? I thought he had already been named/?

He pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine and will be sentenced in February

Nah - there’s been rumours and stories here (in NZ) about two high profile NZ sportsmen. One was a league player. So after reading this in a rugby league column, I’m assuming the league player was definitely involved.

I think he’s due back in court on Feb 14.

Edit: Original story - https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/117912940/highprofile-kiwi-sportsman-pleads-not-guilty-to-meth-supply-and-import-charges

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