Animal Donations

The fires have been devastating and people have died and hundreds maybe even thousands of properties lost

It has been absolutely shocking

But watching the news this morning they estimate half a billion animals have lost their lives with many more suffering significant injuries and are in danger of dying from them injuries as well as starvation and dehydration

It is so sad

I just picked 2 charities and donated 75 to each

Wires and WWF

Any amount would help

We had a community organised walkthrough, plus provision of water and food points for the area burnt out near my place from the Charmhaven blaze this weekend. I could not do the physical walk as awaiting knee surgery, but it is a good initiative and will be restocked over the coming weeks.

Good to see Pink and Urban/Kidman donating $500k each and hopefully more that cannot assist locally, will do what they can, with cash donations being the next best way.

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