Te Maire Martin

Sad to see Te Maire Martin having to hang up the boots at age 24. Brain injury to much of a risk if he plays on, he made the right decision. Good luck to him for the future.

Very sad news indeed. No doubt he has made the best decision for his future.

That’s sad. But his health is more important than footy. Hope the club makes some acknowledgement of him, I often see other clubs frequently do it regardless of when the player was last there (at the club).

Just hope he is doing ok as it sounds pretty scary.

Just goes to show , all players are just one bad knock away from an early retirement.

With this in mind, you can’t blame them for maximising their earnings whilst healthy

I would like to see in situations such as this th3 club give players a job or the nrl. I find it ludicrous that Souths can circumvent the cap they did with GI and burgess who will still get paid but not someone like Martin who deserves income from the game going forward

Oh that’s just very sad.

I am very saddened by this news. I hope the Cowboys will look after him with employment.

I remember he played well for us in the lower grades, good goal kicker too.

Any player that has to retire from injury is terrible news for the game. Hope the kid listened and studied and is getting help from the player associations and admins

Always liked him as a player sad to hear his career has finished on such a low note

Very sad. Hope all works out for him

I agree, this is sad news. I liked him as a player too and don’t think he really reached his full potential. He was a champion in the lower grades - got Toyota Cup Five Eighth of the Year I think. I was disappointed when he left the club but feel more disappointed for him now.

Thats just sad

wish him well

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