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Just sifting through a movie library, and come across an old Kiwi movie (well…1992) called Chunuk Bair…

If you like your WW1/War movies I recommend you give this one a look.

just my opinion of course

Haven’t heard of that movie and I like many film genres, including one’s with war settings. Whilst I enjoy the plot and visual aspects, over the years my favourite part of movies has moved more and more into the audio aspect. The best part is that the Xbox console we got for our son’s gaming, also acts as a reasonable 4K player and streaming box, plus Atmos sound transport.

The surround sound effects improved a lot over the years to have been very good for the past decade or so, with the new immersive height codecs taking it to another level. They are to the point now, that a realistic cinema like experience can be enjoyed at home, with as little as 7 speakers and a couple of subwoofers.

Funny thing, is now that it has reached to such a high level, more and more people are now buying soundbars, which even if many thousands are spent on them to buy the best, they are still poor at transporting the tremendous array of available sound.

Thanks for the advice. I like a good war move,

A couple of memorable scenes from my favourite war movie -

Water Skiing

Air Cavalry = Air Mobile

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