1 week at a time

We should keep this thread going until the semis,
Who thinks we can make the finals
I certainly do

sea eagles and titans game worry me.
bulldogs its always going to be a close encounter and kinda end of a flip of a coin, i think anyway.

If we beat manly yes,
if not unlikely… have to get of too a flyer like Newcastle did and hopefully from there on not drop the ball every second LOL 😃

We are playing decent enough footy to not just make the finals, but cause a few problems to other sides. Attitude is the key because the talent is there. As Terry Kennedy said on ‘The Sunday Roast’, its the teams that have a dig who run and tackle harder that will be the most successful.

I still don’t think we’ll make it, we have left our run too late. If we lose I can’t see us coming back from 8-11.

Need to beat Manly. The momentum built if we win this game will be unstoppable. 😃


Need to beat Manly. The momentum built if we win this game will be unstoppable. 😃

I concur. Momentum is a wonderful thing to have. It sparks, confidence, morale, enthusiasm, urgency and commitment. Wests have displayed these attributes over the past several weeks and are continuing to build. The defence has improved out of sight and is the key to winning games. I get the vibe that if the Tigers can topple the Silvertails then it will only strength and boost that momentum improving the chances of climb that very congested premiership ladder into the 8.

need to contain watmough, orford, to have a chance to bet manly.
if wests-tigers can do this and defend well, there is a good chance manly can be beaten.
this is the game which determines wests-tigers destiny for season 2009.
in saying that winning it will not automatically ensure a top 8 place, as the other games still have to be contested and won.

Manly is the crunch game IMO. The Bulldogs and Titans don’t worry me as much because of their style of play also suits the Tigers somewhat. Manly though with their forward pack is another story. They’re rolling forward well, particularly the big units coming off the bench and Whatmough is really carving up at the moment. If the Tigers are to win this one they need to complete their sets and preferably get more than 50% possession and hopefully play direct and tire Manly around the ruck. If their forwards can be drawn in and worked over then the Tigers stand a good chance of knocking them over.

I would love to say yes but we aren’t in the best spot, our F&A isn’t great (at least its positive) and we have 3 very tough games against the top form sides in the comp at the moment, fingers crossed we can get there.

If we beat Manly i will start to believe again

To put it simply we win the remaining games no one can say we don’t deserve to be in the 8, lose and no one can say we deserve it.

I would love to make the finals, but I don’t think we will. Titans, Bulldogs and Manly… Tough games against great opposition.

In general I’m dissappointed but at least go out giving the opposition hell. Really get stuck into it like every game was your last, if we win, great, next game. If we lose, at least make our opposition feel a little worse for wear.


I still think we have left ourselves far too much to do but having said that if we can sneak past Manly we are not without a hope, as mentioned momentum is a wonderful thing.

Like i said in the old forum… We’ll storm into the finals!!!

I think the game against a resurgent Parramatta is going to be very tough too. And roosters and … god forbid … sharks may be tough if we don’t treat them with respect. I think we will have just as much trouble winning the games we are supposed too than the ones we shouldn’t. At least we’ll be pumped up underdogs for Manly, Titans and Dogs - usually a good recipe for tigers victories.

Last game vs manly was not a great predictor of this game:

For Manly: It was at brookvale, brett stewart won it on his own, manly were bad but we were terrible. They were winless after 4 matches and were desperate.
For Us: It wasn’t a thrashing.

But yes - if we loose this week - we would only be a 5% chance of making the finals. If we win, i’d say it would be closer to 40% and rising (momentum breeds belief).

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