Liddle's rehab...

Fantastic video on Liddle’s rehab…comes across as a really mature, incredibly determined, kid. Future captain IMO if he just gets a decent run without Injury.

I’ve just watched it, I feel for the kid he’s had so much bad luck with injuries.
Hopefully this might be his last major injury, or I feel that his NRL career could be over.
Best of luck with the rehab.

I really hope Liddle can toughen up his body,I can tell you blokes who have done severe injuries as he has don’t come back as well to compete over 25 weeks or more of NRL grind week in and week out…there are exceptions but the ratio is usually 3/10 get back to full fitness…its really tough,but he has my full support…good luck Jacob…

What a champion kid…he sure deserves a break or two from the injury god

Already being discussed in the WT injury update.

What a fantastic vid about a fantastic young man.

11 mins

Good job Tigers and more power to you.

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