Maguire - Contract Thread..

To me, his recruitment and what he achieved last year with an average squad has shown the guy knows what he is doing.

If we leave his extension too late and all this translates to success, he may have clubs knocking down his door.

Should we extend madge now? I want to see this stability and growth continue.

Thoughts? It’s a big yes from me.

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As Jack Gibson said it all starts with the front office Madge signed until the end of 2021 it may not be a bad idea to extend him after a few rounds into this season

I’d hang off a bit …mid season

Yeah give him 8-10 rounds. If it’s patently obvious things are going right earlier than that then lock him down earlier.

Or we could have some vision that he’s doing the right things for success and avoid the media speculation that is bound to pop up if we win a few on the trott.

Team with new players will need time to gel
I would be prepared to wait till the end of the season to see how we go before we make an offer
If we have a fantastic year then a big contract would be warranted (time wise)
A finals appearance would be an automatic re signing

Extend him now. Stability for WTs.

I’d give him an extension he has brought all these young guns to the tigers he deserves to coach them into the future

I’d have no problems with that as I see him as a long term coach here but probably wise for both sides to leave that till later in the season.

I’d extend him now. Its a vote of confidence and reward for good recruitment. It shows we have confidence in him for his own security but more importantly for the players, new and old.

Also critically we could probably extend him now for less than later in the year assuming we are successful.

Extend if we make the 8 in 2020. Otherwise he has 2021 to make it or go.

Simple answer is yes.

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