Forwards Rated- we're dead last at D+

It’s as though the author hasn’t watched a game before. What a dunce.

And so? It’s great to start the season as an underdog and lots to prove.
So here’s hoping!

That’s only because we’re an unknown quantity. Wait until they see us play and then give a mark.

the author definetly is a nuffie

I think I saw a DT article that rated our forward pack last as well. Post it up in the dressing room for motivation.

Our pack will dominate more than being dominated this year, mark my words i think its as solid as we’ve been for some time.

Rating forward packs without accounting for the bench is stupid. This guy grossly over-values experience too, plus is likely off on our starting pack (doubt Eisenhuth and Chee Kam will be there for starters).

Fox league writers whom have no idea about rugby league. Weird.

Hasn’t got Luciano or Aloiai in the 17.
File this with all the other garbage that gets written about us.

Just another rubbish article by a so called expert.

I think our forward pack is one of the most exciting in the competition.

There are some good packs in that list. They also considered the hooker position and didn’t mention the bench. Just say Chee-Kam gets the spot over Luciano that puts Luciano on the bench which could happen. Plus we have a predicted hooker that might not even play for us and who has hardly played first grade.

I reckon it’s a fair grade on that criteria. I also think our pack has the ability to roll over all of the packs that were listed if they play to their potential. Hooker though is a problem position.

You can’t rate a pack until you include the bench

We aren’t A+ but we aren’t D- either

@TheDaBoss said in Forwards Rated- we're dead last at D+:

the author definetly is a nuffie

I saw this.

I read it as prop lock prop.
And they had us as MCK, twal, Eiso.

Which is incorrect.

Let em discredit us and we’ll show em whats up on the field.


Mark St. John eh! - sounds like he really knows his business.

Guess he must be a bricklayer, mechanic, garbage man… whatever.

Because he knows nothing about Rugby League and even less about the Tigers forward pack.


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