NRL - Last Man Standing.

Thought I’d bring this back after a few years absence…

Rules are simple.

You select one team to win their game a round…If they win you progress if they lose you’re out…the twist is once you select a team you CAN NOT select them again in the following rounds until we are left with the ONE MAN STANDING…you receive a point for each round you progress and a Comp Win if you are the last man standing…

Once a comp is decided everyone then comes back in and a new Comp begins…

If interested leave your name in this thread…

lol…i just found the last one so here are the rules in a bit more detail so everyone is clear…and @happy_tiger

1.Each weekend of the NRL season, entrants nominate one team to win their game

  1. If your team wins , you go through to the next round. A defeat means you are out

3, In the event games go into Golden Point the winner in that case will advance. In the unlikely scenario that the result remains a draw at the end of GP you will be eliminated.

4.Each person can only nominate a team once-if you pick Wests Tigers in the first round for example you can never choose them again , except in the virtually impossible position where we get to round 16 and there are still competitors standing. At that point the selection process would start again from scratch.

  1. Last person in the tournament wins . If the last entrants are all eliminated in the same round , they share the honours . A new Round will then begin.

6.There is a For and Against ladder System , once we have a winner the new Comp starts the following week.

  1. BYE rounds will be included so careful thought will need to be considered as they approach. For example If the entrant has already picked the teams that play in the BYE rounds and the competition is still running they will be unable to make a selection and therefor be eliminated in the round preceding the BYE…

  2. The one with most Comps won at the end of the year will be Crowned Last Man Standing Champion.

If you are interested in joining leave your name in this thread…If you’re game that is…Good Luck…

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Just did this for the NFL season. I lasted 6 rounds.

In Geo’s case it will be 1st man faceplanting

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@happy_tiger said in NRL - Last Man Standing.:

In Geo’s case it will be 1st man faceplanting

Really…here’s the last one…

.hapless tiger…no where…

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I’m in - this will be fun… the banter that will go on… 😂

@Geo said in NRL - Last Man Standing.:

@happy_tiger said in NRL - Last Man Standing.:

In Geo’s case it will be 1st man faceplanting

Really…here’s the last one…

.hapless tiger…no where…

Those numbers have been doctored

i will

go big or go home

i am interested thanks

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