She was good for our club which is more than i can say for many who have sat and stagnated on the board.She was an integral part of our club improving

Yep she was the best Chair we had as a club … was treated as an Alien by NRL hierarchy and the Murdoch media cronies.
We lost a good one we did!

I liked her comment regarding too many fans in the boardroom leads to emotional decisions. Something our current chair will need to keep in check

She was the beginning of this clubs tooth and nail climb back up. I am confident that the current Chair can build on her platform.

I 100% agree with every post so far. I hope any success we have in the near future is somewhat acknowledged that she played a part in.

Blah blah blah I have no real idea if Marina Go is any good or not, but good luck to her, she seems a nice and competent person.

If I cared 1% about netball, which I do not, I might still be interested in what she thinks.

She was involved in some ordinary decisions during the repair phase, but there’s no arguing with the end result that she helped get us to.

We were a rabble when Marina was in charge. I backed her 100% when she wanted to take on the NRL over the ambassador role for Farah, but can’t understand the love when they were in my opinion the clubs worst years and she must be held accountable for that. Nothing personal - but glad the Marina years are now a distant bad memory.

Ill never forgive her for Jason Taylor.

@The_Patriot said in MARINA GO:

Ill never forgive her for Jason Taylor.

For signing him or sacking him? 😉

@The_Patriot said in MARINA GO:

Ill never forgive her for Jason Taylor.

It wasn’t her decision on both occasion actually…it was the powerpoint…

Go bought a lot of corporate support to Wests Tigers…which the Club still benefits today…

What I appreciate the most, is that deapite the way she exited the club she still supports and promotes anything Wests Tigers through twitter and other social media. Classy lady

Nothing but class. A real winner at governance level. Led the financial resurrection of our club whilst battling pig-headed Dinosaurs within and outside the club.

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