Your Predicted Score for RD 1 Vs DragQueens


im predicting a blowout of the drags, 28-4

the only try that dragons will get, will come by a poor read by nofo on the wing

in saying that, BJ and nofo get man of the match with 2 tries a piece

( trys, BJ,BJ,NOFO,NOFO,BENJI) ( Douehi 4/5)

(Ravalawa) ( Lomax 0/1 )

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Wests Tigers 9 (Nofoaluma tries. Momiroski goal, Luke Brook Field Goal) defeat Dragons 8 (Lomax tries, Lomax goal)

Tigers 20 (tries:Nofo 2, BJ, Walters ( Benji 2/4)
Dragon 12 ( tries: Williame, Lomax) (Lomax 2/2)

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WT’s 18 Twal Walters Musgrove tries Benji 3/4

Dragons 14 Williams Lomax tries Lomax 3/3

Tigers 22 Dragons 10

I would be bitterly disappointed if we lost. The Dragons are battered and bruised. Their back line is abhorrent. However, they still have a gun starting forward pack along with two very good halves. We simply need to get through the first 50 minutes unscathed and then I feel we will run away with it.

6-4 to us at halftime.
22-4 fulltime.

26 to 12 to the tigers

32 - 10

Tigers win.


We need to seriously unsettle their halves.

The Drags have a better pack on paper and we need to block the halves from taking advantage of any go forward.

I feel we will either win Big or lose

32-4 Tigers
Crawley to write an article about how he always believed Tigers were going to be a threat in 2020

Tigers 22 Dragons 12…man of match Josh A

18-6 tigers
I’m predicting our defence looks tough and our attack looks better towards the end of the game
Lomax to be found out a few times

Wests Tigers 18 V St.George 14

@Spartan117 said in Your Predicted Score for RD 1 Vs DragQueens:

The Drags have a better pack on paper

I assume you mean that they have a better pack on paper than us ?

Four of their starting pack played against us in round 24 last year when we flogged them (Graham, Vaughn, Frizell and Lawrie). Their best forward that day was Leilua.

Despite the loss of Matterson, I think our pack for this match is stronger than the one we fielded in round 24 last year.

Of course, what happened last season won’t have any bearing on the match this Sunday - new season and all that - but I’m not prepared to concede that they have a stronger pack than ours just yet.

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