Which position do we need more depth in?

Go ham! Which position do we lack most in?

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Hard decision!
Went with Hooker in the end…yes, we do have a lot of people but…they aren’t living up to expectation just yet…except Walters…wasn’t too bad last week against the V.

If Walters is a permanent hooker then I say wing, but personally I would rather see Walters as back up for Brooks and Benji.

Edit, it’s also not easy to get a line on that with a few playing out of their preferred position. Doueihi is a FB, Walters is a 5/8, Thomo is a winger, Aloiai is a back rower . Imo.
However, if we could get Grant and move Walters to fire up the left while keeping Momirovski then I think the team would be much improved.

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Centre. We only have BJ assuming Momorovski departs

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