Tiger Ratings Round 2

Absoulutely smashed today.

  1. Thompson - 4 - Good second half, but his positional play at 1 is non existent.

  2. Nofolomu - 2 - Poor under bombs. Ineffective in attack.

  3. BJ - 1 - Lack of effort, defensively terrible.

  4. Doueihi - 6 - Was solid all round.

  5. RJ - 4 - No impact on the game positively or negatively.

  6. Reynolds - 6 - Did some good things, but too slow and passing sucks.

  7. Benji - 2 - Worst game ive almost ever seen him play.

  8. Twal - 6 - Did alot of work, but no impact.

  9. Walters - 6 - Probably our best, but still makes too many costly errors.

  10. Aloiai - 7 - Tried hard, made alot of runs.

  11. Garner - 4 - No impact on the game positively or negatively.

  12. Lucy - 6 - Did some good things.

  13. ET - 4 - No impact on the game positively or negatively.

  14. Mikaele - 5 - No impact on the game positively or negatively.

  15. Musgrove - 4 - No impact on the game positively or negatively.

  16. Lawrence - 4 No impact on the game positively or negatively.

  17. Chee Kam - 5 - Made some ok runs


  • Walters was ok.


  • Right Side defence (Benji, Lucy, BJ , Nofo working together)
  • Thompsons positional play at fullback
  • Our general backs are still to slow. This is not just about finishing off tries. The Knights backs got there sets going every set and there forwards rolled on with a 10-15m run. Our 1-5 run sideways and make a 2-3m run and the set goes terrible from there on.
  • Maguires inability to react to Newcastles quick linespeed tactics.
  • We don’t look fit.

Seriously, why bother?

I’d bring in both Talau and Mbye with Doueihi at 1

@Jimmy said in Tiger Ratings Round 2:

I’d bring in both Talau and Mbye with Doueihi at 1

Absolutely terrible display from Our Team today.
The only little bit of inspiration came from Josh Reynolds once again getting into the Knights players.
If todays display is typical of Wests Tigers this year, our finishing place on the table will have a 9 in it, but it will have a 1 in front of the nine.

My take,
Thompson - 7
Nofolomu - 3
J Lailua - 3
Doueihi - 6
Jennings - 1
Reynolds - 7
Benji - 5
Twal - 5
Walters - 7
Aloiai - 7
Garner - 5
Lucy - 5
ET - 6
Mikaele - 6
Musgrove - 6
Lawrence - 7
Chee Kam - 7

Give yourself an uppercut for giving Lucy a 6 - he was one of our worst. Turnstyle in a defence after last week.

What can you say about that. I had really hoped that those type of performances from WTs were a thing of the past. It seems not. There were very few players worthy of a mention. The lack of interest in getting to any kick was appalling and some of the attempted tackles in our 20 were worse. The performance from BJ was particularly dreadful and he alone cost 2-3 tries. If there is any footy next week we better come up with something better than that or the bulldogs will smash us.


Madge needs to make some changes to show this group what is expected week in week out. Douehi to 1, Thomo to 5, Mbye to centre, BJ to mirror to have a long hard look at his effort. Brooks back asap. Grant to hooker and Walters to 14. Luc to tackling bag

This post is deleted!

I agree, Twal and Walters were the best of a pretty ordinary bunch.

Unfortunately if the NRL gets called off we again are in 9th and have to remember this as our last game for a while… That display today was dreadful and I hope the players are embarrassed as I am and not looking forward to coping it tomorrow from mates at work…


For me our starting pack just plain sucks.
We don’t have aggressive meter munching front row forward.
Again repeating myself … Starting the game with two attacking but defence sus 2nd rowers is just getting ourself on back foot.
Our wing 3/4 is a weak link and will continue to be until such time we get some quality players there.
Our fullback situation is just rubbish.
Without Brooks we struggle.

Lack of speed in both attack and defence is the killer. Also having a 30 yo 7 and a 35 yo 6 will bite you big time every now and again. Of course lack of height out wide is another problem area.

Funny we have been talking about the above deficiency for years…but nothing ever changes. Anyway one would imagine the season will come to a grinding halt any day so we can now focus on2021

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