Podcast with Chris Heighington

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all keeping safe during this time.

I had heighno on the podcast this week, hopefully keep you entertained with a few old war stories.

Link and time stamps for whats in the show below.

All the best



3:20 - His life size wall memory of the 2016 grand final win
4:00 - Post footy life
6:14 - Joining the media
7:50 - Banter with the players
8:00 - The start of the journey in Campbelltown
10:12 - The goal kicking super star kid
11:00 - Learning to surf
11:55 - Coaching surfers and the Rip Curl house
13:00 - Junior reps with the North Sydney Bears
14:46 - Tim Sheens offer to join the Wests Tigers
16:40 - First grade debut at the double header
17:19 - Getting drop and becoming resilience
20:20 - The turning point of the 2005 season & how they won the GF
25:55 - Being a light weight after the grand final
27:21 - Why he was forced to leave the Tigers
29:00 - Moving to the Sharks and the ASADA years
30:30 - When he thought the Sharks could really win the premiership
32:00 - On funny Jimmy Maloney moments
33:30 - Difference between Shane Flanagan and Tim Sheens
34:45 - Picking themselves up for the 2016 final series
37:55 - 2016 Grand Final and nerves
38:45 - The secret in the fault
40:18 - The turning point of 2016
41:34 - How he ended up playing for England
44:45 - If he could coach one surfer in the world who would it be
48:31 - My favourite try of his against Roosters
50:15 - Beau Ryan
50:33 - Chad Townsend
51:46 - Donny Bradman award
52:30 - Team socialite
52:51 - Best rig
53:33 - Worst rig and Jack Bird
55:00 - 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party

Wow. Very interesting thank you. Just reminds us all how wrestling has ruined beautiful open expanisve rugby league pre 2005/2006.

The game just isn’t the same anymore.

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