Trivia - played for Balmain and Western Suburbs

I was doing a bit of research on pre-2000 players who played for both Balmain and Magpies. It’s a bit of an interesting dataset, so I thought I’d throw out the trivia questions:

(1) How many players played for both Balmain and Western Suburbs at any stage in their career?

(2) What percentage of (1) played ONLY for Balmain and Wests? (i.e. no other Australian first-grade clubs)

(3) What percentage of (1) played for Balmain before playing for Wests? (rather than Wests before Balmain)

(4) How many of (1) were British?

(5) What percentage of (1) debuted post 1970?

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Ha never even saw that thread, thanks

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