Blythy’s Lockout Lowdown: Michael Chee-Kam
We spoke to the Wests Tigers back-rower about what he’s been up to in lockdown! 👇

As the boredom of the indoors sets in, the fans aren’t the only ones twiddling their thumbs without any football on the weekend.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be checking in on the players to see what they’re up to, and who they’d hate to be stuck with through all this.

In today’s edition, we spoke to Wests Tigers’ back-rower Michael Chee-Kam on long-range tries and long-term goals. Let’s dive in!

ZT: You managed two long range match winners last year against the Broncos and Souths, with that Brisbane try in particular something to cherish, talk us through those.

MCK: One of the highlights of my career so far besides my debut and playing for Samoa. The Brisbane one is probably my favourite, it just happened so quick and the way it happened, I still get tagged in it a lot and buzz out every time.

ZT: You played lower grades at Melbourne and Canberra before debuting for Manly, and have been at Concord since 2016, how settled are you at the Tigers?
MCK: Yeah mate I enjoyed both my times in Canberra and Manly but I’ve been at Concord for four years now and I’ve really found a home here. I have a lot of love for this club and really want to be part of the team that brings it back to its glory days!

ZT: I think a few years after he retires, we’ll be looking at Benji as one of the most influential players in the modern era, how much have you learnt just training alongside the five-eighth?

MCK: He’s definitely going to go down as one of the greats to ever play, he’s one of the few that’s changed the game. I think what stands out for me is his leadership and how much passion he still has for the game.

ZT: Obviously those match winners alongside your debut are right up there in terms of career highlights, where does pulling on that Samoan jersey rank?
MCK: Yeah it’s right up there with the others like I said, but it’s very special every time I get to don that blue jersey. I get to represent my parents and my whole family, my blood! I love representing Samoa and I hope can do it for many more years.

ZT: Speaking of Samoa, there’s a World Cup scheduled for the end of next year, how would it feel to play on the world stage?

MCK: It’d be a dream come true to play in a World Cup.

ZT: We’re all obviously stuck inside at the moment, what’re you doing to keep yourself busy?

MCK: At the moment I’ve just been working out in my home gym, playing PlayStation, hanging out with my family and spending time with them.

ZT: Who’s the last team mate you’d want to be stuck in isolation with?

MCK: Probably Corey Thompson, he doesn’t brush his teeth.

ZT: With all the restaurants closed, what’s your go to feed at home? Can you cook, or is the Uber Eats getting a work out?

MCK: I love bacon and eggs, I could have it for brekky, lunch and dinner. If not that, then Bolognese pasta is always good and easy.

ZT: Speaking of work out, you obviously can’t at the club at the moment, how’re you keeping yourself fit?

MCK: Yeah it’s been tough but fortunate enough to have gotten a few things from the club to help me workout at home, so it’s been good, as well as going for runs down at the park with my dog Louie.

ZT: Lastly, which bloke would be going mad being stuck at home?

MCK: I feel like we’re all going a bit crazy at the moment, but probably all the guys that don’t have a PlayStation or board games.

Thanks for the chat Michael! Stay tuned for the next instalment of Blythy’s Lockout Lowdown, and drop a comment below to let me know who I should talk to next, and what you want to know!