Syd 'Sardi' Christensen

A centre whom played for Glebe and became club Captain of the Balmain Tigers. He enlisted in the 2nd AIF and joined the 2/20th. The battalion was recruited mainly from Balmain and Newcastle and after training sailed on the Queen Mary to Singapore.

The Battalion historian believes the greeting, how you going mate, alright? Originated in Balmain.

The battalion was a happy one except for the men’s dislike of the CO, Colonel. Jeater from Newcastle. In camp in Malaya, the men briefed and paid the local newspaper distributors to call out prior to reveille. “news read about it, Colonel Jeater’s got the clap”. Jeater for the remainder of his life believed his officers had done this to him.

On 9Feb 1942 following the Japanese landings on Singapore Island, Syd Christensen was last seen firing a bren light machine gun at the Japanese who were swarming around him. RIP Syd, a brave man and true Tiger to the end.

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Pure Love. Unbelievable sacrifice compared to today… honestly 🧡

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