WTF NFL Dynasty

For those in previous NFL Fantasy leagues, a dynasty league via the Sleeper app. Join via:

A league continuing across seasons for those not familiar with the concept.
Set at 10 teams now but can adjust; likewise settings (PPR at the moment).
Will set a draft time when we have a league filled - at least 8 but 10 or 12 preferable. We can set the draft at unlimited time for picks so we could get started on the draft as soon as possible, while everyone gets up to speed preparation-wise.

That’s been enough time investing in the relationships you had been neglecting pre-pandemic due to fantasy commitments. Time to appease your addiction again.

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I’m in. Harvey38

we need 7 more people. Dynasty is basically like NFL fantasy but you keep the players you draft and the only draft you do every year after the start up draft is the rookie draft. you can also trade picks before the drafts. you can trade the next 2 years draft picks as well. So in saying that you don’t have to draft a new team every year.

Looks like we’re not going to fill this. Might see about a standard league unless we can drum up interest.

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