Sydney Roosters Nick Politis blasts NRL draw

Sydney Roosters chairman Nick Politis blasts NRL draw
Marc ChurchesBy Marc Churches
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Sydney Roosters chairman Nick Politis has blasted the NRL’s revamped draw, declaring it’s unfair and nothing but a “TV schedule.”

Already sitting at 0-2, the Roosters’ bid for a three-peat was dealt a huge blow with the reigning champions handed arguably the most difficult draw in the competition. Under the revised 20-round draw, the Roosters will face the Storm, Raiders, Rabbitohs and Broncos twice - clubs who all featured in last year’s finals series.

Responding to his club’s fixture, Politis said he’s now banned the word “draw” from being used within his club while also taking aim at the integrity of the competition. “It’s not a draw – it’s a TV schedule,” Politis told Fox Sports. "A draw is when you’ve got fairness. I’ve told (Roosters CEO) Joe Kelly we’re banned from using the word draw. "I’ve been bringing this up at the chairmans’ meeting for the last couple of years now. “What’s next? We’ve had the rule changes, the referees, next thing they’ll tell us we can only take the field with 12 players.”

After it was announced the premiership table would remain the same and teams would keep their points, the Roosters chairman slammed the decision and said it would be “meaningless” and difficult for some sides to make the top four. “If you change the draw, you’ve got to start again. If the current points are to stand, we have to play over a full season,” Politis said back in April.

"It’s like changing the race from a Melbourne Cup (two miles) to a Doncaster (one mile) after it’s already started. "It becomes meaningless and makes it almost mathematically impossible for the bottom sides to make the top four. “This isn’t just about the Roosters. It’s about the integrity of the competition and giving every club and their fans a fair chance.”


Uncle nick is always whinging nothing new for him he’s been doing it for years

Oh goody it’s own thread…

Suck it up Unca Nick…waaaaaa…it’s not fair…waaaaaaaaaaa

“Fairness” - give me a break you overindulged arrogant flog

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I reckon they’ll still make the top 4, unless hit with big injuries.
If they don’t, great! Hope them, Storm, Rabbits and Broncos all miss out.

Politis not happy about the draw = many people happy about the draw.


Funny he thinks about the top 4, not the top 8. That’s what we need to aspire to.

He has no idea. As the team that finished first last year, a fair system requires that you receive the hardest draw this year. It creates a more even competition kinda in the same way the Melbourne Cup he mentioned uses weight handicaps for stronger horses.

When I modelled a fair draw a few weeks ago I had them playing Storm, Raiders, Rabbits twice, then Manly (6th in 2019) and Newcastle (11th). The only difference is the final two teams. They’ve ended up with Broncos (8th) and Dragons (16th). So they’ve actually ended up with a slightly easier draw than they should have been given if a fair system had been applied.

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@JoshColeman99 said in Sydney Roosters Nick Politis blasts NRL draw:

Uncle nick is always whinging nothing new for him he’s been doing it for years

Except this time no one is listening to his rantings.

@Tiger_Steve said in Sydney Roosters Nick Politis blasts NRL draw:

“Fairness” - give me a break you overindulged arrogant flog

😂What an absolute gimp Politis is. The sooner the crusty old coot is gone from RL the better. You could write a novel detailing the leg-ups the Roosters have got over the last 5+ years. They miss out on one and hit the floor in a screaming tantrum.

Banned from using the word ‘draw’. Hahaha, what a sook. Hopefully a few of their matches finish with a tied scoreline just to see the flogs try to step around the word ala: QLD and their ‘the other team’ childish shenanigans during Origin.

They played a top 8 team and a bottom 8 team in the first 2 games. As long as the new draw is balanced, I have no idea why he thinks the first 2 games are meaningless… oh wait, because they lost both of them

Come on Nick. Sure, come out and fight the battle for your team, but don’t pretend it’s for anyone else but the roosters. If they are going to find it hard to make the finals after the 2 losses, then they shouldn’t have lost them!

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That article made my day😂

Have a sook Politis you scrotum with lips sewn on.

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