With the problems COVID 19 has created it may have solved a whinge that everyone has in regard to the DRAW with this year’s GF being played on the last Sunday in October why can’t the same thing happen next year.
If season 2021 finishes with the GF played on the last Sunday in October and starts in the 2nd last
week in February this would cover a 36 week period made up as follows.
30 game home and away season.

4 week semi final series concluding on the last Sunday of October

3 stand alone weekends for SOO and any other Rep games and other nations tests the NRL wish to organise with the winner playing Australia in November.

There is no real reason why the GF needs to be played on the long weekend in October it never was in days gone by in fact it was played on the last Saturday in September.

Far too long for a season.

Bugger that Rugbeh League should be 12 months a year with 8 months including a mid week knock out with 48 teams…over to you Mr V’Landys

Said it for years… Just ditch pre season trials and mickey mouse Nines and all stars games and start the comp 4 or 5 weeks earlier…you play everyone twice… Semis and GF usual time

Too hard apparently

A very long season when you put the rep games on top of that, but I suppose you could save another week by going back to a top five, or maybe a top six and have the finals over in three weeks.

Also a big issue with the heat in the early rounds, even with drink breaks.

30 rounds is too long - you either add 2 teams and have a conference setup that gives you 25 rounds or get rid of 2 teams and and have full home and away which gives you 26 rounds.

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