3 2 1 v Sharks

3 Aloiai
2 Grant
1 Twal

HM Brooks Garner Mikaele Mbye Marshall Nofoaluma L Leilua Walters Seyfarth Jennings Doueihi Clark B Leilua Lawrence

Naughty Cnr Bwaith…

  1. Grant
  2. Brooks
  3. Aloiai

Very honourable mention for Mikaele, his second half was immense. If Aloiai didn’t score I would’ve given him the points

3 Brooks
2 Aloiai
1 Grant

Walters was great off the bench and really gave us a much needed jolt

Marshall …huge second half

3 Aloiai
2 Grant
1 Garner

HM Walters, Twal, Benji, Mikaele

3 Brooks
2 Aloiai
1 Benji

3 - Grant
2 - Brooks
1 - Aloiai

Special mentions to Benji, Mikaele, Lucy, Walters.

3- Brooks
2- Aloiai
1- Mikaele

3 Brooks
2 Marshall
1 Grant

HM: LL, Twal and Aloiai

last edited by Tiger_2795

A game of two halfs

3 Brooks
2 Marshall
1 Grant


Special mentions- twal, Walters, nofo

NC- benji kicking


Nofa,wow.so poor ,but so good
Don’t know what to do with him
Promising sign for the Warriors, they signed Toby Rudolph? He looks like he is going to be pretty good

3 Brooks
2 Grant

  1. Aloiai

HM Benji, Walters, Twal and basically everyone for hanging in there when things didn’t go their way


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