**live game feed** vs the Titans

Ok boys, don’t go in thinking we’ll win without putting in the hard yards

Nofoaluma sucks …

Getting in early



hopefully this is the year we start winning these sort of games. Anything but a comfortable win will be a disappointment


I shouldn’t need to be this anxious about playing a side such as the Titans. C’mon Tigers.


Some average Titans players there that have previously had a field day against us.

Need to turn up, lets go Tiges!


Worried about this one. On form we should win easily which normally means that we end up losing.


Hungry for that win, let’s go


There are 25 Last Man Standing entrants ready to rumble…

Benji kicks out on full few knock ons titans grab couple early tries…ref blows few 6 to goes for titans,more worried about this one then last week


wests tigers to win 25 - 18


Jeez it’s been a slow day

Hurry the hell up !

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