" I'm sick and tired..."

“I’m sick and tired of the ups and downs of the performances”
Welcome to our “jungle”, coach…Or is it welcome to our nightmare?

" we need to fix how we do things when we are performing"
I look forward to the team sheet for next game.

I honestly think we can beat The raiders next week the nights showed they are beatable and every time we have had a bad loss under Madge the team has bounced back the week after really looking forward to see who he selects this week

I think the problem is the bouncing…up and down. If you haven’t got the approach, the consistency to perform, and the hunger, and you are happy to continue to be a mediocre player, then this club is right for any player that wears these shoes.

It comes down to how we play the game. All the razzle dazzle stuff, the basket ball passes, the flick passes, the ball shooting back and forth across the field, the pretty to watch stuff, that’s just the icing on the cake. We’re all icing…no cake.

To consistently win games we need finish our sets without error, have good final tackle options and build and maintain constant pressure on our opponents in both attack and defence. That’s the cake.

Until our team can deliver that with consistency, we’ll have the odd exciting win but nothing more than that.

After last night. I really don’t think we have a chance against the raiders. We just don’t. If we win, it will be a fluke. It’s the reality of it.

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