Happy, Sort Of

Like most on here, around 8pm last Sunday night my head had gone to Gowings. I was half expecting a last minute try but it still hurt a lot. Monday was just as bad. After hearing Madge on Sunday night I thought same old lines, blah, blah, blah

This afternoon I see the side named and for the fist time in a long while I felt a little positive about our future. Whilst I believe Brooks should been dropped (years ago), I am really happy that finally we have a coach that is prepared to drop players. Apart from Brooks still being there I love the changes. I still think Canberra will roll us but that isn’t the point I believe. It’s about giving the big money players another chance to prove themselves. Up until today I forgot Packer was still with us. Im happy Josh gets another chance also.

Im just looking for an improved performance this weekend with the new inclusions showing why they should stay in the side.

Madge realises we are a quarter of the way through the season and not really setting the comp on fire our wins have been ordinary and our defeats abysmal and changes have to be made to fire the team up and see who will be staying

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