Nothing more tedious than a debate about scrums.


Super League is leaning towards not having scrums when their season re-starts this year. Ostensibly it’s covid-related, but who knows, it may become permanent.

No scrums due to COVID? What next, do they outlaw tackles?

Use to be to get the forwards out of the way…but now fullbacks wingers centres and halves pack into them so yeah why not…

They do open some attacking space, but you could just as easily have 6 blokes from each team form a circle and take a knee.

Yep 👍🏽 get rid of them
Completely pointless. Rarely see a set play off a scrum nowadays.

How the heck is this a COVID-19 measure…

Happy for them to stay personally. But yah, would love us winding the clock back with some set plays off them.

@jirskyr said in Scrums:

No scrums due to COVID? What next, do they outlaw tackles?

Well they really shouldn’t be playing at all if everyone is supposed to be adhering to the social distancing rules. The contradictions around this whole thing boggles my mind.

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