SOO Halves for 2020

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i figure ive seen tedesco leave us and win premierships and star in origin i can hande if they pick Moses

He can be considered an immortal in time - doesn’t matter.

He will always be a lowlife sookey tanker to me.

His leaving wasnt done well, but he never tanked.

EDIT: Sorry I thought we were talking about Teddy. Moses IS a sookey tanker…as you were.

I beg your pardon! What do you mean by that?

I originally thought your comment regarding tanking was about Teddy. Whilst his leaving wasnt great, he never tanked. After I posted I realised you were talking about Moses, in which case you are 1000% correct, he tanked hard, so I went back and editted.

Yes, he certainly did tank and it was disgraceful. He should have a permanent line through his name in Origin selection given he has shown that he has it in him to completely betray team mates.

I’d go a back line of:


Baring injury, I think you’ve picked the NSW backline.
We just saw the NSW no 7.
Cleary was outstanding in that game.

I hope Brooks was watching, that’s how you lead YOUR team.

  1. Teddy
  2. Addo-Carr
  3. Mitchell
  4. Lomax
  5. Turbo Tom
  6. Wighton
  7. Cleary

100% agree, if Moses is the SOO team I’m out. Adversity and the ability to perform a task, that you are paid to do but don’t want do, is a true revealer of character and intestinal fortitude. This bloke has shown his true colors, I don’t get it, current form is supposed to erase past actions, not only what he has done, but how he did it.
I like to win, weather its the Tigers or NSW or Australia or who ever, but I despise it when clubs trade t their values and their character (their soul) to do so.
Rant over, in saying that:

  1. Teddy
  2. JAC
  3. Turdo
  4. Latts
  5. Fergo
  6. Wighton
  7. Cleary
  8. Keary

Cleary hasn’t really put a foot wrong so far this year, and the incumbent always has the inside running. As long as Penrith go deep into the season, I think it will be his spot to lose.

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