Best use of the spine

Hi all
Long time reader and first time poster. I love reading everyone’s differing views and the passion of so many supporters that is so evident. There is a fair bit of negativity on here but hey… we have had so much disappointment and false hope that we tigers supporters have earned it! Plenty of good humour to balance out the negativity - “gee we thought we had him” never gets old…
I wanted post my thoughts on how we get the most out of the key positions. We probably miss out on the 8 in any event (forever 9th!) but my view is that we definitely miss out if Benji is out of the 17. I appreciate the defensive issues and understand the decision to drop him but he offers too much to leave out.

My plan: Pick Benji in the 14 (replace Cheekam). Start with Josh for his energy and kick chase. Bring Benji on after 50 mins to either create a point of difference to chase points (Josh is one dimensional and Brooks doesn’t seem to chase a game) or close out a tight game with his smarts and composure. Benji replaces Harry who has a 10 minute spell. Josh then comes off after 60 minutes and Harry returns with fresh legs to close out the last 20. Worst case you have an injury to an outside back, Josh or Benj could cover temporarily. Not ideal but they could do it. Josh could even cover an edge (a Graham/Peachey type) for a brief window if absolutely dire injury issues.

Just my thoughts

Welc Boa.

I think we need to be continuing to focus on the defense excellence.

Benji is good for the team as he has the leadership experience and voice when things go awry however I do believe we need to continue to plan post the Benji era.


I get the idea of it but I think it uses to many interchanges. I’d be happy with benji In the 14 if on those occasions that it was needed he could come on to add spark for the last 15 mins.

But people would complain about not using the bench player for whole games. Our forwards can play big mins so having three forwards on the bench is doable.

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