Would you drop BJ?

Since his brother went off he lost the plot. Got the ref offside with him, started running out of the line on D that led to a disallowed try, giving away a stupid penalty that led to the field goal and twice almost getting taken over the sideline.

He lost it against the Knights too and I reckon he let his teammates down big time tonight.

edit I wrote this with about 5 left. And then he gets sinbinned. If he doesn’t get suspended he’s dropped.

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Won’t need to drop him. He’ll cop a few weeks

Yep. Hard to disagree.

Nope, let him play!
Let him even meet Ivan in the car park 😂 we need aggression.

Nope, let him play!
Let him even meet Ivan in the car park 😂 we need aggression.

He will be suspended anyway.

Why he played with so much passion and aggression that is edzactly what we have been missing for the past 5 years

how does conceding stupid penalties and losing the game in any way get back at them? Just stupid from BJ, but that’s how he’s always been. His defense was off all night before that. I like him and understand this is a part of his game, but it’s crazy.

If my brother got cheap shotted, I’d do the same.
He’s showing passion and we have been hungry for that for so long, even if he over stepped.
Very frustrating game with some of the calls

Edit. On second thought no I wouldn’t.

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nup this is something we have not had in a long time. Granted he does some dumb stuff but that anger that passion is what we have lacked for years

Yep will be gone for sure.
But when he comes back keep a tub of ice water handy on the sidelines just in case.

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The real Warren Smith. Being a bit harsh isn’t he?

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He played with passion, that’s what he brings.

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