321 vs Panthers

Try to be realistic…

3- Talau- he was great all game, ran hard, safe hands and scored try
2-LL, before he went off he was forcing gee to give us set restarts
1- douehi, safe hands, still slow tho ( he looked hurt)

NC- Adam the chode gee, ivan the chotus and BJ the loving stupid brother

Mentions - Grant, huth and reynolds

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3 Talau
2 Grant
1 Doueihi

  1. AD. Thanks for not making me cry when a balls put up. Safe as houses.
  2. Noffa an his dirty meters.
  3. Grant, keep’em guessing.

3 - AD
2 - Nofo
1 - Eisenhuth

Thought garner had a great game

3 Matt Eisenhuth
2 Harry Grant
1 Douiehi

3 Eisenhuth
2 Talau
1 Doueihi

Honourable Mentions Grant Nofoaluma Luciano Leilua Brooks Reynolds Aloiai Mikaele Mbye Garner Joey Leilua

Naughty cnr Gee

2-Tommy T

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3 Douiehi
2 Talau
1 Garner

3 Nofoaluma
2 Eisenhuth
1 Grant

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