321 vs Souths rd9

3 - Luciano great runs , got a strip and was good

2- Rowdy- Shades of 2010 2011 form

1- Grant- worst performance of him before he got a break, then he was sick

Mentiona- aloai, Hoffman

NC Latrell for being a scrotum and the bunker and ref for the 2nd week in a row

Try to keep posts to 321 only please…

This post is deleted!

3 Leilua
2 Aloiai
1 Lawrence

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3 Lucy
2 Huth
1 Lawrence

3 Luciano Leiluia
2 Aloia


HM Aloiai and Mikaele

Other point is we Should be pointing our finger to other clubs for the majority of the rest

Brooks kicking game and attack was a dead set joke

The rest


3 - Huth
2 - Lucy
1 - Grant

3 - Dominos
2 - Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
1 - Benson & Hedges
Hon mention to Rowdy for stepping up when needed. Always gives 100% no matter the circumstances

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3 Aloiai
2 Lawrence
1 Garner

HM Lellua Grant Mikaele Eisenhuth Clark Nofoaluma Douiehi Grant Hoffman on debut…

Naughty Cnr Cummins and the compilation of the bench

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Garner 3
Lawrence 2
Doueihi 1

3 - LL
2 - Aloiai
1 - Huth

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