Johns and Fittler back Maguire’s selection system

Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler have backed Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire’s cut-throat approach to selection in 2020, with Luke Brooks the latest to get the axe.

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FOX SPORTS, JULY 17, 2020, 11:28AM

Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler have backed Tigers coach Michael Maguire’s cut-throat approach to selection in 2020.

The Tigers have the longest finals drought in the NRL stretching back to 2011 and Maguire has axed Benji Marshall and most recently Luke Brooks for poor defensive displays this season.

Johns believes the ruthless selection policy is wat is required to hold players accountable and encouraged other struggling clubs to follow suit.

“Michael Maguire builds his game on defence,” Johns told WWOS’ Freddy & The Eighth.

“Three weeks ago, he dropped Benji Marshall because he missed nine or 10 tackles against the Titans.

“I understand on the weekend Luke Brooks missed eight tackles, so he just said, ‘you know what, you’re gone.’

“Michael Maguire has set his standards high. If you don’t set those standards, you’re not going to be part of the starting thirteen.

“’Every other club should look at this. Doesn’t matter if you’re on $100,000 or $100 million, If you’re not aiming up, go sit on the bench or don’t play at all.”

Fittler believes Brooks has underperformed this season after he was earmarked as a potential dynamo under the new six-again law change.

“I like what he’s (Maguire) doing, if you’re not going to defend or you don’t want to play to the style we want to play and what our beliefs are then you won’t be in the team,” Fittler said.

“I remember Joey at the start of year saying he thought Luke Brooks would be advantaged from these rule changes more than any other player.

“I’ve got to say, Luke Brooks hasn’t struck many blows. I like what Maguire is doing.”

Good. Hopefully Brooks uses it as motivation to pull his finger out.
He’s a good player but seems content just to coast along, this demotion should produce a spark.

As long as Madge gets the support of the board.

That’s a great little show. I’ve really liked a lot of Johns’ insight and opinions this year. He’s got a good balance of old-school toughness and sense of humour.

Fittler ought to know, he caused alot of howls after dropping Lattrell from Blues, but hey, it worked and we won. Like others though, I dunno about having him on the bench…I’ve liked the look of Walters from the start and with Benji pulling the strings, I know he won’t be gun-shy about taking the line on. Probs inject him late to target slower guys, like Lodge in particular. Go Tigez!

Hopefully Mbye read this story. If he dishes up another weak performance this week he’ll be out next week too.

Have to give credit to Madge. Trying an approach that is totally foreign to the tigers squad and is getting much more consistency.

Don’t like a couple of things he has done, but only worth mentioning that because after supporting Potter, Taylor and the father of jaws, I’ve decided to be more objective. He is the pick of that bunch by any measure.

Unfortunately, Mbye continued to miss first up tackles throughout the game. It places enormous pressure on the half and winger either side if him, He really needs to get his finger out and lift his game. He also demonstrated very little with the ball.

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