Russell Packer

Been pushing for this man to be selected and I’m so glad he was, absolutely tore that pack to shreds and added much needed punch - stepped up big time tonight!

Congrats big fella, hopefully you can keep your spot in the team and prove the doubters wrong!


it was great to see, I was concerned, but it looks like he’s back

The old dog was great in his first stint tonight …

He will keep his spot there will be a bench spot opening up next week.

One of our best three easily …real hard in the defence which shows he was mentally up

Meeee toooo. Welcome back. We need this guy if forward pack is going to dominate games like tonight.

Want to see him do it against quality opposition

He showed leadership tonight and the young guys responded,it was great to see Russ get back to his true playing style…

Yeah kudos. Was very strong. Aioli was spectacular as well

@Spacecub said in Russell Packer:

Want to see him do it against quality opposition

He’ll get the opp next week.

10x better and fitter than McQueen was

That’s the packer we wanted to see. Massive if he can keep that up while we have Musgrove out

He was injury free and fit with it and he played great tonight. He always has been a good defender but what I really like was he ran hard and often and he also had a heap of support runs following Huth and Aloia too. Loved it

Played great for us tonight. Big minutes, ran strong, tore it up in defence and could’ve done even more damage with offloads if he had support on his runs

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