Parramatta Team

Tough to beat. Talent all across the park unfortunately.

Full strength. Could get ugly

Fitness test for Sivo
Moses rushed back in

Just about full strength. Don’t see us winning this one but at least put up a fight

Good team - unfortunately.

1 minute we’re pumped about Twal coming into last weeks team and happy the slimey’s were gonna be understrength.
Nek minut we’re understrength and slimey’s are welcoming back their best players…
Emotional day

Sivo, Fergo, Matto, Brown and Moses all starting is a worry.
While I wanted us to have a fair crack at em without them being understrength, this is a big ask for us - considering we couldn’t even put Bunnies away.
Oh my Lord…Madge can you atleast give us a strong bench for once please?!

If we stick with them I’ll be stoked. The boys have aimed up even in our loses. There team on paper is twice ours if we are honest. All I want is a strong performance win or lose

@Speed2burn said in Parramatta Team:

Full strength. Could get ugly

Sivo and Nathan Brown in doubt

I want to beat this mob at full strength

@mafia1 said in Parramatta Team:

I want to beat this mob at full strength

One step at a time

And I was looking forward to watch this game … now let me check in my library to see what’s really worth watching.
Then just cover my ears and ignore footy until this time next week.

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