Is the Rd 11 team better than the 2019 51-6 side?

FB Mbye
W Fonua
C Marsters
C Jennings
W Thompson
5/8 Reynolds
1/2 Brooks
L Aloiai
2R Matterson
2R Garner
FR Packer
FR Twal
H Farah

Int Matalino
Int Mikaele
Int Huth
Int Chee Kam

I believe our team has slightly improved but so has theirs also. Then not having Twal - a defensive workhorse - is a big big loss.

Then you have to consider that it’s another year that (Eels)specific group of players have played together, with the addition of Matterson who has no doubt added to their team.

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We’ll miss the mullet

well it had Jennings in it so yes lol
no seriously i think about the same this team might very marginally be better

Yes, we’re also playing with a harder edge than last year. More mongrel in defence is what we need to have any chance of winning this game, but it’s going to be a tall ask with some of our players missing.

Both on paper and on form our current side is better, but I still expect Parra to win by around 12 points or a bit more. They have us covered in most areas

gosh the effort by Packer in that game was terrible.
This team has more toughness in the forwards than last years team

It is a much better side and we are playing better than anytime in the past 4 years Benji at half will be the difference he’ll be in Bitchs ear all night long our forwards are showing a lot more particularly the last 4 weeks

It’s not any worse. The occasion just got to us and they were pumped to the gills.

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Fonua, man what a shocking signing that guy was

The team is defending much better than any tigers team from recent memory. I really think we will get in their face and try to unsettle them. We’ve got aggression which we didn’t have before. Please please please win this game for your supporters.

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