Mikaele out

Rough hopefully nothing serious.

Huge test for the depth this week against a very strong Parra side.

@Speed2burn said in Mikaele out:

@facepalmer said in Mikaele out:

Blore in?

I believe so

Official word is Clarke in for Mikaele. Blore might come in for McQueen, that remains to be seen.

Mikaele great strength is that a tiring defence has to commit higher numbers to try and prevent his offloads

But if Clarke can keep producing off loads like he did in our try v Souths …he will be a worthy replacement

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Definitely need some mobility, size and power in the middle … we already have a slow Packer on one side … talk is Clark in to replace Mikaele … but heaps are hoping for Blore to come in onto the bench … please, please let be so … !!

I would start Clarke and Packer on the bench. Chee Kam needs a big one for his career security

ouch. gunna make the win even sweeter.

@Magpie1969 said in Mikaele out:

I would start Clarke and Packer on the bench. Chee Kam needs a big one for his career security

Agree completely but have little faith that he will deliver.
I think his performances off the bench last year in the Broncos and Rabbits are his claim to fame and still living off those wins.
Think he really is a bench player, hopefully will be pleasantly surprised like i was with Packer last week.
We need to go set for set against them and also maintain field position.
Blore well don’t think he will be on the bench, think Madge will go with players that have played prior weeks, will get his chance to impress soon.
Then again could be wrong, with another forward out it already looks like our go forward will be compromised tonight.

I thought Cheeks was a handy player when he was with Manly, since he came to us he hasn’t seemed to overly improve much. He hasn’t set the world alight, more like spot-fires. So I think to myself, can we win a prem with him? I don’t think so. I don’t dislike him as a player, but if he found a bit of aggro and/or intensity he’d instantly be alot better.
Anyhoo, if ever our line-speed was on, it better happen tonight. Shut their big boys down b4 they get up some steam and swarm their backline. I reckon mainly we’ve gotta keep the off-loads in check.

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