Wests Tigers sign Asu Kepaoa till 2023


Roosters set to open roster spot for potential SBW return
Dan Walsh

The Roosters are set to free up a top 30 roster spot that could accommodate Sonny Bill Williams with uncapped outside back Asu Kepaoa likely to join Wests Tigers on a mid-season transfer.

Williams is expected to make a call on another potential Roosters comeback in the coming days with officials working through logistical hurdles with Williams’s advisor, Khoder Nasser.

No official comment has been made by the Tigers or Roosters on Kepaoa, but it is understood he will link with the joint-venture club over the weekend.

The youngster’s looming move would leave one free spot in the Roosters’ top 30, which Williams could fill before the August 3 signings deadline.

However, the largest hurdle for Williams rejoining the Roosters is still to be cleared, with the NRL not permitting any player to be signed to a club while still contracted to another sporting competition.

Williams inked a $10 million, two-year Toronto Wolfpack deal over the summer, with negotiations around his contract status with the Canadian club, the Roosters and NRL ongoing.

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Would he be in the top 30 and if so does that fill our spots ?

@hsvjones said in Asu Kepaoa likely to join Wests Tigers:

Would he be in the top 30 and if so does that fill our spots ?

Would assume so, if he was he would take Thompson’s spot to fill our top 30

Hopefully he is good enough to play next week

Better signing than Saab

He may come straight in next week do you think?

Another GUN signing by Madge…

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if we can keep everyone we will have a good nucleus of a side in two years

Looks quicker than anyone we currently have

Kepaoa has low key been one of the more favoured juniors with the Roosters as an outside back and was a winger for the 2019 Junior Kiwis.

Let Me Google That For You.

There is even a website that creates a link with Google search results that you can send to people that are too lazy or computer illiterate to search Google for themselves. https://lmgtfy.com/

Yes, it was meant as a minor insult.

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