Shawn Blore

My new favourite player. Sign him for 10 years. What a great man.

He went straight up to Brown at the end of the game just then to shake his hand


Gun. Needs to be in the side from now on. He gave it to Brown and Browns a penalty milking dog.

We’ve got a good one on our hands. Keep him next week Madge.

Great debut. Bench rest of season

Reminded me a lot of Simon Dwyer with those hits. Hopefully he can go on to become the player and have the career Simon was supposed to.

Blore is going to be one hell of a player. He will be in the 17 for the rest of the year

Gosh, what a wonderful debut. Hits like a truck. I can already see why he is a leader. Was reving this guys up in his first game.
That loss doesn’t even hurt as we now have a Blore!!

Me oh my. We got a hit man. Will not be fun for opposition teams to play against a full strength pack. I really like the look of this bloke

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Man,what a pickup from the panthers
He is a a bit of Tapine about him

@GNR4LIFE said in Shawn Blore:

My new favourite player. Sign him for 10 years. What a great man.

He made it look easy didn’t he. Loves the contact & the challenge. Walks the talk.

Bugger it, sign him for 20

Loving it. Goes at Brown three times and laughs at him like the porkchop he is. On debut. Welcome to the team young man.

Blore is the real deal,must be in the 17

I’m ready to anoint him. Was bringing the wood tonight.

19 years old and plays like that on debut. Tough kid, has to be in the side next week

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