Can't really complain (R11 vs Eels)

That was one of the toughest games we’ve played in years. So much went against us.

  • Injuries coming into the game.
  • The possession stats were ridiculous. At the start of the second half, we had one set, they had seven sets.
  • Michael Chee Kam injury within 60 seconds on the field.
  • HIAs to Doueihi (didn’t return) and McIntyre (returned).

Our guys never gave up. I am adamant that was an 80 minute performance. I am very proud of that effort.

Shout out to Shawn Blore on his debut. Showed a lot of promise. My highlight was when Nathan Brown thought he could haze the new kid, and Blore showed him who is boss.

I cant complain at all. Sucks we lost but they tried their guts out and never gave up. Well done boys. Congrats Shawn Blore, player of the future this kid.

the guys didn’t give up, defended like champions

a full squad would have beaten the Eels

would like to see the pressie

If we had better field position in the 2nd half it would have been closer. Proud of the effort but I hate losing to the slimey Eels.

Brave effort and full of determination. I missed the first 40 but we had stuff all ball in the second half and it was a very resilient performance.

Great effort, everyone put in, in tough circumstances

We made too many mistakes, handing the ball over way to easily. Stop the mistakes and and the Eels don’t get possession at critical times.

@TheDaBoss said in Can't really complain (R11 vs Eels):

would like to see the pressie

Madge wont say anything detrimental about the oaf in charge but as usual we are the Indians in a John Wayne movie

Forget Parra, they are nothing. I’m confident now they will choke again.
Their props are their best players but they get less effective after an hour and the rest of the team have 0 ticker except for gutho.

Blore made Brown look like he had angry little man syndrome. Packer has brought new attitude. Need Twal desperately, Leilua will add a lot too. Overall I think we lack that guy who can go the length with sheer pace. Benji created plenty but Lawrence and Nofo couldn’t capitalise. I’d be putting Benji next to Mbye and Talau every now and then.

Hmm some observations

We played so hard and fought all the way to the end. I am so proud to support this team.

Blore this kids has an x factor we have sorely needed already looking forward to watching him grow.
Lucy always solid been soooo consistent really impressed.
Harry is clearly injured but jesus he is a fighter and controls the ruck so well.
Mbye was playing better tonight he was solid some mistakes but better.
Mcintyre is a fighter who tries his guts out. I dont see him as skillful or a starter but he is solid.
Huth keeps on giving everything. have been super impressed.
Packer backed up last week which is an awesome sign for our pack.
Benji played really well
Clark hits hard in defence if only he could pump those legs.

Not so greats
Aloai… i actually think it was his worst game of the year for us. Didnt really have the venom i thought. Made some key mistakes.
Douhei … by far his worst game as a tiger he will bounce back though and learn from it
i will cop it for this probably but jesus we need joey back. Rowdy gives you everything and his defence is awesome but his attack is real rough to watch.
Billy walters now he doesnt do anything wrong per say his defence is awesome. But he offers very little in attack imo. He like rowdy are solid in what they are good at but is it enough i dont know.

We’ve been competitive in every single game since the resumption with the exception of the Souths game (which admittedly was an almighty shafting by the refs).

We came in undermanned and lost 3 players to HIAs yet fought like crazy. The players don’t want to lose and the way they play shows it. The effort each of them are putting is showing and only good things are going to come from this as we move forward.

Losing sucks and some losses are better than others, and I think save for a period of about 20 minutes where Sutton absolutely destroyed us with terrible calls, we went toe for toe with a premiership contender again.

We’ve got the toughest run home but I think we’re ready and I’m excited for it.

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