321 vs Eels Round 11

3- Packer- For hit on Matto, made good metres
2- Blore- Loved his runs and his beef with Brown
1- Mclntyre- Made some strong crucial tackles

NC- Surface, handling, Injuries yet again, Sutton is a usual flog ( not blaming out loss on him) but a flog is a flog

3 Grant
2 Benji
1 LL

This post is deleted!

3 Packer
2 Eisenhuth
1 Leilua

3 Russell Packer for knocking some bum out.
2 Luciano Leilua
1 Shawn Blore

3 Packer
2 Blore
1 Benji
HM: McIntyre, Leilua, Talau, Mbye

Sutton is a grub

3- Grant (unlucky he did not much support when he continually poked the nose through)
2- Blore (great debut)
1- Packer

3 Marshall
2 Grant
1 Blore

3 - Packer for obvious Reasons
2 - Shawn Blore - Already excited by what he is showing
1- Harry Grant - Absolute Legend, tried his heart out all night, even with an elbow injury by the looks

HM - Talau

  1. Grant
    2 Packer
  2. Luciano

3 Leilua
2 Packer
1 Talau

HM Grant McIntyre Blore Clark Eisenhuth Mbye Nofoaluma…

Naughty Cnr Sutton…No ball thanks to this dill but we shot ourselves in the foot too many times when we did get it…

3 Benji
2 Blore
1 Packer

HM to all the rest. Once we lost MCK and Doueihi it was always going to be tough. Complete reshuffle throws both attack and defence into disarray but our resilience was outstanding.

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